GrassQ is an online platform which provides powerful tools for grassland manager, whether you are a farmer, farm manager, or a researcher involved in grassland / vegetation management.

Grassland Research

For researchers, GrassQ provides a powerful suite of online tools for the ingestion, fusion, analysis, visualisation, export and sharing of a wide range of data.

Projects are collaborative, with project owners and national coordinators able to add interested parties to view and contribute to individual projects.

Data can be visualised and combined in a number of ways, through map overlays, feature tagging, image timelines and dynamic graphs.

Researchers can also access and contribute to farm projects; analysing data uploaded by farmers on the ground and sending messages to assist in astute data collection.

Farm Management

For farmers, GrassQ provides an easy to use, real time Android phone application designed to assist in the real-time monitoring of pasture health.

The GrassQ app allows farmers to upload observations made in the field, as well as receive notifications from researchers about possible actions to take.

To complement the app, farmers can also view their data online on the GrassQ platform, where they will be able to access extra data management tools to help them make decisions and observations relating to their farms.

Using GrassQ

A comprehensive guide for researchers has been created and is available at the following link: How to Use GrassQ

GDPR & Your Privacy

A guide to how GrassQ gathers, stores and uses your data, as well as how we can assist you in the management and removal of this data, is available at the following link: Privacy Policy